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Stock Pot — бистро на свадьбу в Риге


Наш сайт ежедневно посещает свыше 5000
пользователей из разных городов,
в том числе из Риги.

Все эти люди ищут ваши услуги, вы им нужны. Выделите себя среди других специалистов
в разделе “Свадебные банкетные залы”, получайте больше просмотров профиля и заказов.

Перейдите на Premium и вы получите:
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Режим работы
Понедельник 11:00 - 20:30
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Среда 11:00 - 20:30
Четверг 11:00 - 20:30
Пятница 11:00 - 20:30
Суббота выходной
Воскресенье выходной
Адрес В городе
Рига, Ģertrūdes iela 6
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Европейская, Мексиканская
  • есть отдельная парковка
  • есть терраса/веранда
  • алкоголь в наличии
  • есть сцена
  • есть звуковое оборудование
  • отсутствует «пробковый сбор»
  • подходит для мероприятий
  • есть проектор / TV-экран
  • кондиционер
  • Wi-Fi / интернет
О заведении
When it comes to lunch in Riga, we surely shouldn’t complain. So many options to choose from, that we could almost visit a different restaurant every day. But there are some places that make you want to return and forget about all the rest. One of them is Stock Pot. Judging by the people inflow at around 15:00 (and that phenomenal fish curry on my plate), this place is everything you need for a midday break.

Stock Pot itself is as small as a mole’s cave with two relatively big tables and two windowsills, successfully transformed into six additional seats for hungry visitors. And you couldn’t imagine the place being any different. What happens here is as follows – you come, you order, you sit down next to a person you most probably don’t know, you get your meal, you eat with pleasure, you leave. Period. Twenty minutes from the moment you got here and you’re already set to continue your daily routine. Everyone who comes in is familiar with the system and everyone see
ms to be more than happy with it.

Although, Stock Pot is always highly popular among people working and living nearby, the best part of the place comes to life in summer when there are additional tables outside and apart from a tasty and a little spicy (the level of spiciness is shown on the menu, for more sensitive taste-buds I wouldn’t suggest more than 4) meal, you also get a beautiful view of St. Gertrude Old Church.
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